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iLLUMA-Drive is not about simply screwing in a light bulb or changing a fixture to LED, they are focused on sustainable, smart technology that will allow full control of lighting systems. The future is in their platform, not just a bulb or fixture.

iLLUMA-Drive reinvents the way LED fixtures are powered and controlled by centralizing both the AC/DC power conversion external to the LED fixtures and providing smart control.

iD1 Controller

The iLLUMA-Drive Series iD1 is a highly integrated, compact 4-zone DC powered control panel for high power LED lighting applications. The iD1 offers a multitude of control protocols for control, dimming and incorporates an industry leading power control system to deliver up to 98% efficient LED output.

With independent channels, the iD1 caters to the needs of numerous DC LED Lighting applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, multi-dwelling, recreational vehicle, marine and so much more. The iD1 operates from DC input voltage to control between 1 & 40 LED fixtures. Utilizing easy-fit plug connectors enables the iD1 to be easily integrated into lighting and structured panel enclosures.

The iD1 series allows daisy-chaining of LED fixtures and can broadcast sequences and control to all connected iD1 units. iD1 units can operate stand alone or in a network of up to 16 units or 64 Zones of light control. Multiple networks can be created to accommodate any size of installation.


Neo, iLLUMA-Drive’s energy storage platform, is a core element of the control system and can provide power when hydro goes down. With the low voltage requirements of our lighting system this can mean additional days of light when you really need it. You’ll never be suddenly left in the dark again.

Charged from a renewable energy source or by the utility grid, Neo runs your lights 24/7 and can protect you against power outages by providing backup electricity for your iLLUMA-Drive lighting platform and essential loads. Power goes out, lights and devices stay on.

Paired with a renewable energy source (typically solar), Neo provides increased independence because all of your lighting needs will be powered by your system even when the power grid has service interruptions.

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